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Who weare?

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JCT facilitate the needs for travelers around the globe coming to Alleppey with all the natural resources exclusively available in this God's own country. JCT Houseboats with Gold Star Rating of the Kerala Government with all multi-start amenities , spacious interior provide a very eco friendly accommodation.

                               We offer exciting House Boat Backwater cruises, round trip in Rivers, Lagoons and Lakes. Out look of our house boats reflects the typical glory of ancient carpentry provide a pathway for the visitors to experience the Backwaters. . It is as close as one can get to feel the vibrant life in the country side of GODS OWN COUNTRY

Backwaters beckon you...

A visit to Kerala attains its fullness only with a backwater cruise. It gently touches the chords of your heart. The vast expanse of bluish green water body, the boarding landscapes and life of villages in a houseboat, you are cruising in to the core of these experiences. No doubt, the waterway of Kerala, especially the caostel stretch from Kollam to Kochi, unveils excitements in every turn. Thanks to the network of canals, lakes and lagoons that merge with backwaters

Dos and Donts

  • You are in a houseboat; it is a traditional concept with limited facilities and resources.
  • For overnight bookings, the check in time is 11:30 AM and check out time is at 08:30 AM on the following day. Day Cruise, check in time is 11:30 AM and check out time is 5:30 PM the same day.
  • The Food and beverage service on the houseboat is only up to 10:30 PM.
  • Guests are not permitted to remain or sleep outside the rooms after 10:30 PM.
  • Boat will be halted for one hour only during lunch break.
  • As per the Government rule, the time allotted for fishing is from 5:30 PM to 07:30 AM. During that time, the houseboat will be anchored and will resume the journey at 08:00 AM.
  • The distance we cover is about 20-30 kms and the place of the night halt will be decided by the captain according to the weather and climate
  • Food in the houseboat is prepared in traditional kerala style.The cruise includes Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast and tea/cofee with snacks.
  • The staff (The captain, the chef and engine driver )selected from the backwaters villages are always ready for your service.
  • Do not jump into the water from the houseboat.
  • Do not cause noise disturbance to the villagers during night halt.
  • Do not throw garbage into the water. Use the bins provided in the boat. Do not use foul language while on the boat.
  • Wear modest attire while hanging around in the villages during the cruise.
  • Always co-operate with the crew and obey their suggestions